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1. Receiving shipment request
We receive a shipping request from customers via telephone, or email.

2. Communicating with partners
If there is cargo that requires special care or a door-to-door service, we check shipping instructions and door-to-door services with our partners before shipping.

3. Pickup instructions and requesting shipment documents
Once we receive a pick-up request from a customer, we make our contracted vendor pick up the shipment, while receiving commercial invoices and packing list via fax or by visiting the customer's office. Upon receiving shipment documents, we prepare the appropriate Master/House Airway Bill.

4. Selecting and booking air carrier
In consideration of the flight schedule and rate, we discuss an appropriate air carrier with a shipper. Then we book with the selected air carrier according to estimated weight and number of packages.

5. Shipment schedule notification
Upon determining the schedule, we notify our customer of the schedule via fax or e-mail.

6. Picking up shipment
Our contracted vendor picks shipment up at pick-up time designated by us.

7. Handling permit for customs clearance
The customers can make customs clearances with their customs brokers through the customs office or ask us to arrange customs clearances with our customer broker.

8. Handling carrying-in and labeling
We measure gross weight & volume weight of the shipment at the airport and put MAWB/HAWB labels on cargo.

9. Handling shipment documents
We complete the Master/House Airway Bills based on the commercial Invoices & packing lists from customers.

10. Submitting shipment documents and EDI service
We submit the completed shipment documents to the selected air carrier and send information on cargo and transportation to the customs office via EDI.

11. Shipping
The shipment is loaded onto the air craft according to the schedule.

12. Follow-up service
We check to make sure the shipment is loaded on the air craft in a proper manner. After shipping, we forward a Pre-Alert to our partners for shipment notification. If the cargo is off-loaded, we readjust the schedule by communicating with the air carrier so that the shipment can take off as quickly as possible.

1. Consultation on trade and transportation
The customer makes an inquiry on market trend, Door to Door Service, Service Routes, and rates via telephone, fax, or e-mail.

2. Shipment request
When receiving the shipment request, we review the cargo details with our local partners to arrange the shipment date and flight schedule available. In case of an urgent shipment, we ask them to arrange the shipment to the fastest flight schedule in order to save pre-check time.

3. Cargo schedule notification service
We notify the customer of the departure date, arrival date and flight details, while faxing the shipment documents.

We send EDI to the customs office and air carrier and locate the cargo at the warehouse. Also, we arrange a warehouse for special cargo.

5. Arrival notification
Upon receiving the original AWB, we check the warehouse and issue the transportation fee before arrival notification.

6. Documentation, transportation and customs clearance service
If needed, relevant documents can be delivered by domestic courier or express post. Door-to-Door Service is available upon request.

7. Follow-up service
In case of Door-to-Door service, we keep monitoring every track of the cargo until it reaches the customer, while notifying the customer of each step of customs procedures, warehousing and delivery time.