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1. Receiving shipment request
We receive a shipping request from customers via telephone, or email.

2. Notifying shipment booking and schedule
We book a vessel appropriate to the customer's requirements and notify the customer of the shipment schedules.

3. Inland transportation service
We transport the customer's cargo to the destination in a speedy and accurate manner when there is a transportation request, while notifying accurate warehousing and arrival time.

The cargo is shipped according to the schedule.

5. EDI service
We send EDI to the customs office according to the shipment documents and export declaration certificate.

6. Issue B/L
We confirm transportation type, rate and valid documents before issuing B/L with the customer.

7. Follow-up service
After shipping, we notify our partners of the status of the shipment. If there is a request for POD (Proof of Delivery), then we ask our partners to provide it.

1. Receiving shipment request
We receive a shipping request from customers via telephone, or email.

2. Shipment booking and shipping
After receiving the shipment documents from overseas partners worldwide, confirmation of the scheduled arrival date is made.

3. Notifying shipping schedule
We review shipping documents from overseas partners to notify the customer of ETD, ETA, and cargo status.

4. Arrival notification and warehousing
We notify the customer of receipt of relevant documents from our partners. If the customer wants a warehouse, we ask the shipping company to store the cargo at a designated warehouse. Our computerized system allows us to issue transport rate details quickly.

5. Customs clearance & delivery
Door-to-Door service is available upon request, which is the quickest and most cost-effective. The delivery is made to the delivery place at the designated time, and date.

6. Follow-up service
We keep monitoring every track of the cargo until it reaches the customer, while notifying the customer of each step of customs procedures, warehousing and delivery time.

In addition to general transportation services, we at BORG Air Sea Transport offers a total logistics services as follows;

- Warehousing and Delivery Services
- Customs Clearance Services
- Import/Export Documentation
- Cargo Insurance Services
- Tri-angle Freight Switch Bill Issue Services
- Inland Transportation Services
- Vessel Charter Services
- Export/Import Cargo Packing Services