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1. We are committed to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.
2. We offer customer focused service, while seeking reduced shipment related charge and time savings.
3. We try to eliminate any non-effective operations, while providing systematic support for business    activities, ensuring speedy and accurate shipment works.
4. We try to handle and resolve any specific requirements, claims cases or complaints from our customers.
5. We improve the flow of business for internal/external customer satisfaction, set up the strategic    orientation of business and rearrange a variety of business resources in an effective manner.
6. We provide all employees with a guide booklet in relation to sales and business activities as well as    offering training programs, while ensuring significantly improved services and shipment operations.
7. We strive to adopt cutting edge systems for better customer satisfaction.
8. We are committed to improve continuous customer satisfaction through customer-oriented business    innovations and system flow.